The Rubeit Foundation is a registered Not-For-Profit organisation, ABN 33995283537

What started out as a simple desire to help others master the Rubick's Cube has turned into something special. It soon became obvious that widespread benefits could result from a simple learning process associated with a simple cube. Some originally unforeseen benefits include:

  1. Help older workers demonstrate capability and help find a job.
  2. Help seniors keep their mind active and contribute to memory research.
  3. Help disabled people lead a more inclusive and collaborative life.
  4. Act as a form of social engagement and an opportunity if members of the community wish to be competitive.

Our Vision

If the notion "regular use of a Rubik's Cube can improve memory retention" is correct, and substantial medical benefits are possible, then it must be proven using appropriate scientific measurement techniques. At present it would be near impossible to assemble a sample size of proficient Rubick's Cube users large enough to draw any acceptable scientific conclusions.

Our vision is to also help community well being and aid ongoing medical research into memory related disorders.

Along the way, other members of the community can benefit and also have fun and enjoy the company of others with a common interest.

The Rubeit Foundation concept started with those visionary outcomes in mind and the founder's family and friends were coopted into helping set up the infrastructure, but there is a long way to go..

Infrastructure for Growth

With the help of community minded volunteers there is no limit to how far the Foundation can go. Already interest has been received from former work colleagues and from friends as far away as New Zealand. With the right people's support and the right infrastructure in place there are no geographic, language or social boundaries..

The Contact page sets out the areas where you can be involved and you are encouraged to put your hand up and help.

Start Point

Obviously, a project of this scale must start somewhere and the Bayside Local Government Area is the logical start point. That will be Plan A, from the founders perspective. In particular, the Doll's Point, Sans Souci, and Ramsgate areas will be the first "cab off the rank".


Please contact us at information@rubeit.com to express your interest