To express an interest please email us at

If you wish to be involved with the Rubeit Foundation, beyond just learning how to solve the Rubik's Cube, please nominate any items below in your email:

How would you like to engage with the Rubeit Foundation?

Please note the Rubeit Foundation is a Not-For-Profit organisation and is staffed by volunteers

a. I am interested in research

I would like to be involved in the following fields of study
A1 Medical Research  Research is being undertaken by universities on subjects such as dementia.
A2 Disability Research / Opportunities  Companies are developing devices that may be modified for Rubik Cube manipulation
A3 Aging Workforce Studies  Evaluating the benefit of mind exercises for memory retention


B. how proficient would you like to be with the rubik's cube?

I would like to take my skill level to a stage mentioned below
B.1 Just learn how You would only like to learn how to complete the Rubik's Cube
B.2 Become an expert You wish to become an expert and complete the puzzle with speed
B.3 Become a coach I would like to teach others how to use the Rubeit Foundation technique

C. Are you competitive?

How competitive would you like to be? The Rubeit Foundation may organise events from time to time.
C.1 Compete as an individual I would like to improve my speed to the point where I can complete the puzzle in under 2 minutes.
C.2 Compete in a relay team  I would like to be part of a four person Rubeit Relay team and compete with other teams or other chapters of the Rubeit Foundation
C.3 Engage in WCA competition I would like to increase my speed and compete in World Cube Association events

D. Would you like to be part of the Rubeit Foundation management team?

How involved would you like to be? .
D.1 Admin support  This may include finance, marketing, volunteer admin, technology (Zoom set up), communication methods
D.2 Event coordinator Arranges events and conducts meetings (face-to-face and remote. Allocate volunteer event coach
D.3 Event lead / Coach Teaches participants how to complete the cube face-to-face or remotely.


Please contact us at to express your interest