ALGORITHMS - second & final stage

Time to memorise algorithms to bring it home and complete the puzzle

Time to flip the CUBE

[Rubeit Relay Team Member THREE - [Download Prompt Sheet]
Turn the block upside down with the white layer (the foundation layer) at the bottom of the cube and the yellow at the top.

Here is where the algorithms come into play because we are going to rotate the blocks but want to do so without ruining what we have already done.

The same principle we used before to set up the white layer applies again to the new yellow top layer. That is, we create a yellow cross first and then fill in the edges and corners but using algorithms this time.

How to hold the Cube

Now we are ready to start, but there may be only one yellow centre block or there may be a partially made cross with three blocks forming a “gun” shape or a cross bar (see the diagram below). If there is only the one block on top (no gun or cross bar) it doesn’t matter which side is facing you to start.

the gun

If there is a cross bar (see the diagram below), hold the block so the cross bar is horizontal to you. If it is a “gun” have one block facing vertically towards you and the other in a horizontal position to the right of the vertical block.

The next rotation will produce the yellow cross

Algorithm ONE

(to get a CROSS)

    1. Front Clockwise
    2. Right Up
    3. Top Clockwise
    4. Right Down
    5. Top Anti Clockwise
    6. Front Anti Clockwise

Algorithm TWO

(to get the EDGES of the cross to line up with the centre colour pieces)

[Download Prompt Sheet]

How to hold the cube
If one edge already lines up with the cube centre piece with the same colour then move that to be at the back or the left hand side of the cube facing you.

    1. Right side Clockwise (away from you) up
    2. Rotate top layer Clockwise twice
    3. Right side Anti Clockwise (towards you) Down
    4. Top side Anti Clockwise
    5. Right side Clockwise Up (away from you)
    6. Top Anti Clockwise
    7. Right side Anti Clockwise down (towards you)

The cube will continuously be rotating. It depends where you come in on the rotation cycle as to how many times you may need to repeat this process before all the edges line up with the centre colours.

Now the cross is set up correctly (see the diagram below) for the next stage, with the edges right, but corners need to be fixed.

Algorithm THREE

(to get the CORNERS of the cross to line up)

[Download Prompt Sheet]

Algorithm Three will bring the corners into position. They may not be facing the right direction initially but they will have the right colour combinations for the corner position they occupy.

How to hold the cube
There will either be one block in the right position, or no blocks in the right position, or all of the blocks in the right position.
Hold the cube with the block that is now in the right place (see the diagram below) on your righthand side to line up with the other corner blocks.

    1. Left up
    2. Top clockwise
    3. Right up
    4. Top anti clockwise
    5. Left down
    6. Top clockwise
    7. Right down
    8. Top anti clockwise

All the corners should now be in the right place – if not you may need to repeat the algorithm again until all the corners are ready.

The Final Step
It is now time to bring it home with Algorithm FOUR. You know when you are close to solving the puzzle because you will have one side of the layer with all three blocks lined up. When that happens hold the three lined up blocks on the left hand side of the cube. You will either have the two outside corners on the opposite side with yellow facing outwards or straight ahead like headlights in a car (see the diagram below). That will make you one or two runs of the Algorithm from home.

Algorithm FOUR

[Rubeit Relay Team Member FOUR - Download Prompt Sheet]

How to hold the cube
If you don’t have one side lined up, as mentioned above, hold the cube with any yellow blocks facing outwards on the right hand side to use as your start point. Then run Algorithm four doing the right side first and then the left.

    1. Right up
    2. Top twice clockwise 
    3. Right down
    4. Top anti clockwise
    5. Right up
    6. Top anti clockwise
    7. Right down
    8. Left up
    9. Twice clockwise on top
    10. Left down
    11. Top clockwise
    12. Left up
    13. Top clockwise
    14. Left down

This may need to be repeated several times but that’s it. The Rubik’s Cube should now be complete.