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Here you will learn how to solve the Rubik’s Cube puzzle in under 5 minutes, whilst interacting with others, if you wish, in a social setting conducive to learning and free from any pressure or peer comparison. You can learn at your own pace.
The Rubeit Foundation is a community service, not for profit and entirely FREE to participants.
The Foundation was set up by John Macy, Founder of Competitive Edge Technology and currently Managing Director. He is a life long HR professional (AHRI Hall of Fame, Life Fellow of AHRI and internationally recognized authority on HR technology, author of several books and recent articles on Web3 and AI technology. He is a global thought leader and expert in the field of HR technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He describes himself as a “serial do-gooder” and has spent the last 30 years of his career working in the USA and Asia, as well as Australia.

With his “HR hat on” John understands the importance of Rubik’s Cube for the aging workforce and to give people the opportunity to exit the workforce when they are ready. However, the arrival of AI has opened up the opportunity for senior employees to extend their careers as they contribute their knowledge and experience in a digital format to private AI company Data Models and data storage. ChatGPT has opened up a new world for the aging workforce and career extensions. The Rubik’s Cube helps keep the mind active and ready for the workplace challenges.


About the rubik's cube Puzzle

There are 43 quintillion (43,252,003,274,489,856,000) possible combinations for the Rubik's Cube but only one solution to recreate the start point. Erno Rubik, the inventor of the Cube, described the feeling of trying to solve the puzzle in a Washington Post article in 2020 as "frustration, anger, anxiety and the sinking feeling of being lost".

Ernő Rubik, inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, photographed in New York in 2018. Photograph: Richard Drew/AP

In the article Erno Rubik explains: "Yet my Cube is never impossible to solve: It rewards focus and perseverance, it encourages openness, intellectual honesty and curiosity. It punishes prejudice and impatience. No hidden agendas will take you any closer to the solution, either. In fact, the Cube’s real message is not one of being mired in the impossible but of the triumph of human ingenuity over utmost complexity. It is not hopeless oblivion in the face of imploding chaos but the cheerful endorsement of open-ended, creative innovation". He goes on to say:

"But as daunting as it can be to solve the Cube, almost anyone can learn the right strategies and algorithms from others and then succeed."

Fascination of The cube

Erno Rubik describes how everyone can enjoy and benefit from the experience gained through applying themselves to learning the Cube: "Fascination with the Cube has nothing to do with status, age or race. It’s not about where we were born or how we live. It’s about curiosity, perseverance and something more fundamental".

The same approach to tackling the challenges of the Cube can be applied to any problem faced in the world today, including pandemics: That is, break large problems into smaller pieces and address them one by one. The Rubeit Foundation technique applies a THREE TIERED approach to solving the Cube in stages.

We will teach you how to solve the cube

The Rubeit Foundation wishes to collaborate with the teaching profession to pass on skills to students.

During January 2022 the Foundation will conduct workshops for teachers to learn the THREE TIERED technique to pass on to students. There is a condition that tuition is received FREE and passed on to students FREE.

Please contact information@rubeit.com for workshop schedule

a Challenge for Students

Rubik’s Cube is more than just a game. In addition to developing memory retention capability, it has been STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) accredited in other parts of the world as a means of developing spatial recognition and logical reasoning as part of an education process.

Some countries recognize that the cube helps develop cognitive skills and includes the Cube on the school curriculum.

The Rubeit Foundation

Over the coming months I will be assessing whether there is sufficient interest to apply the learning process and repetitive activity to memory related studies and therapy, in a group structured format, and take this initiative further through the Rubeit Foundation. Please contact me us at information@rubeit.com to express your interest

Membership of Rubeit Foundation clubs and participation in events is FREE to approved members. We rely on volunteers, local government and corporate sponsorship. Please see our CONTACT page for details on how you may become involved if you have a desire to help others and have a community minded spirit.

To learn the Rubik’s Cube in isolation is not hard but it helps to have personal tuition and group engagement to accelerate learning. To provide the right group opportunity requires community support.

The goal of the Rubeit Foundation is to teach an easy method to solve the Rubik's Cube and encourage the community to practice regular mind exercise. For more information about the Foundation goals and learning process download The Value of Regular Mind Exercise

location of Tuition


Venues will be advised and classes organised according to the location of interested parties. Initially, it was planned to hold-face-to-face tuition in the Sans Souci library events room, but that may vary.

Pre-Registration is essential and space is restricted. Do not contact the library: Contact information@rubeit.com

Once things get back to normal personal tuition will be provided by the trained coaches. To become a coach please contact us at information@rubeit.com.

Senior's Learning program


Many seniors already solve cross-word puzzles, play cards or engage in some form of games to keep their mind active. The Rubik’s Cube game is just another challenge and it can be practiced individually or in a group, Groups with personal tuition from coaches or mentors is the preferred Rubeit technique.

Successfully completing the game offers group recognition and is bound to impress others.

senior's workshop program

Workshops have been delayed due to COVID, but will hopefully commence during 2024, subject to COVID restrictions and level of interest.

A linited number of places (10) will apply. To register for a workshop please contact information@rubeit.com

John Macy will conduct the initial session.

Help with event organisation and ongoing workshop instruction is needed. Workshops are free and offered as a community service and instructors would be volunteers.

There are many retired professional trainers / educators who would be ideally suited to conduct future sessions. Please contact us.

Improve Memory Retention using Rubik's Cube

The old adage "use it or lose it" applies to the mind, as well as other muscles. Continuous use of the Rubik's Cube is one way a person can exercise the mind and we have embarked on a program to help others "Rube it or Lose it" and work with research units to measure the effectiveness of regular mind exercise.

As a Method/Alert for Monitoring Memory Function

Although no one wants to talk about it, regular use of the Rubik's Cube is a very reliable way to detect any decline in the memory function (there is more about that at Dementia Australia) and if one struggles to complete the cube in their usual time period it could be an indication that early help should be sought from professional medical services. Of course, there could be many other factors involved but it is always best to recognize a potential problem before it progresses.