rubeIT clubs

Successful completion of the Rubik’s Cube could lead to a sense of achievement, improved self-esteem and bragging rights amongst friends, as well as impress children and grandchildren. You may wish to share your skill with others

The Benefit of Clubs

There can be enjoyment through inter-club meetings, and competition if you wish to take your talent to the next level.

Membership of a group, rather than individual use of the Rubik’s Cube, may help encourage others to improve their efficiency and interact with others in a competitive environment, if they wish to socialise.

If there is sufficient interest, a Club could be established and take the form of a non-profit organisation with volunteer participation.  Interaction could occur as follows:

Social Interaction for Seniors

The main purpose of the Rubeit Foundation is to create an environment for seniors who wish to connect with others and have fun as they exercise their mind and discover their hidden talents.

For Young Minds wanting to solve what may appear impossible

Nothing is impossible in life if broken down into small manageable pieces and solved one piece at a time.

For want-to-be geniuses it is a great opportunity to learn how to realise the full potentional of your mind by applying a combination of memory and hand/eye coordination, together with problem solving techniques that will help solve any problem encountered during life experiences.

By learning how to solve the Rubik's Cube puzzle, by following a methodical approach, will illustrate how patience and perserverance will trump raw intelligence every time. As Voltaire once said 'No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking".

Top Twenty Member Times

For speedsters who want to join the smarty-bum list and record their fastest time to solve the puzzle (during a time trial) can be included in the listed below:



rubeit relays

Inter-club competition can be run as relays: That is, one player does the first layer, hands the cube to a second player who does the second layer, then to the third person creates the yellow cross, and the fourth player finishes the puzzle.

Apart from the interactive team benefits, the idea is to break the puzzle completion process down into separate steps that can be learned as discrete units but in a group environment. That is, a person can just learn a single step first and as they become more confident they can learn the other steps and complete the puzzle individually.

International Competition

The intention of the Club is not to lead to international competitions, but for those who aspire to greatness, it is nice to know there are international competitions.
There is a World Cube Association (WCA) that conducts international competitions. It is not planned to teach members of the RLC club to graduate to that level, but it may be possible to influence similar associations to expand their competitions to include senior events and special needs categories.

Please contact us if you wish to start a Rubeit Club in your district or region.